I started developing software back in the early 90’s working for Ken Schwaber the father of Scrum at ADM (Advanced Development Methods). I was developing in Asymetrics Toolbook for one year before we switched over to Delphi version 1 for the next year.

From there I went on to work at Apogee Information Systems that later became the east coast division of Borland Software. I did a short consulting job for Landmark Development before starting work at Surefire Commerce (Stumpworld). I was hired to write the user interface for the soon to become #1 selling store building software Online Merchant & Online Merchant Gold.

After a while I was given the ok to work from home and did so for one year before moving to Arizona. I worked remotely in Arizona for 8 months before the Boston office shut down. For 12 years I wrote property management software at MSI where I was the lead UI developer for our newest Property Management System written in Silverlight/C#.

Before leaving MSI I got hooked onto the mobile development scene and for the past 4+ years I have been developing apps for Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS. I develop my applications using both native, cross platform and hybrid tools.

In my new consulting world I have the privilege of doing work both directly and indirectly for Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Event Day and others.

Today I am remotely consulting for Alpha Software in Boston Massachusetts. Taken from their site:

“For three decades, Alpha Software has provided the high-quality, dependable products needed to rapidly build scalable, data-driven business applications. Today, the company enables developers to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively create and deploy robust and secure business applications required for the mobile + desktop web era.

Founded by Richard and Selwyn Rabins in 1982, Alpha Software has attracted an enthusiastic, loyal customer base that has built tens of thousands of mission-critical applications for businesses of all sizes. The company has sold more than one million licenses for its development products. The company took an interesting turn in the late 1990’s when it was acquired by Toronto-based SoftQuad. After three years, the Rabins’ brothers decided to buy back the company as they believed the tremendous value of its technology and products was not being maximized.

Fast forward to 2013, and the company has attracted some of the software industry’s most notable figures to its management and advisor teams. Dan Bricklin, known as the “father of the electronic spreadsheet,” is Alpha Software’s chief technology officer, while Joseph Alsop and John Cullinane, each a co-founder of highly successful software companies, are investors and advisors. Alsop is also a member of the board of directors.”