Christopher John Martin

Mesa, AZ

602 885-0350


Technical Experience

Languages:                 c#, Silverlight,, Objective C, Java, .Net, Delphi, VB, etc.

Tools:                          Visual Studio, Xamarin, Telerik, Developer Express, Xcode, Eclipse, etc.

Operating Systems:        Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS X, etc.

Internet:                     HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, etc.

Data:                           SQL Server, SQLite 3 and Sybase SQL Anywhere


Professional Experience

4/11 – Present Desert Gadgets

Develop Mobile Applications

Multi-Month contract with Rendr WPF/C#/Xamarin development .

One week contract with Rendr create login screen and fix isuues Xamarin iOS app.

One week contract with Base Commerce evaluation of software and website.

Three month contract with Eventday writing cross platform app using Xamarin.

Owner startup company designing and building applications for the growing mobile market.

Consulted for Health View Services in Boston to reverse engineer their website to work on a disconnected iPad. Created data entry forms, database conversions, data queries and all the calculations to generate reports based on entered data. The name of the product is HealthWealthLink and published in the App Store

Published several educational applications on all the major platforms including Google Play, Amazon, Nook, App Store and Windows Phone.

Published apps include:

Math Time – Some schools require kids to do an assignment called Rocket Math where students must answer as many math problems within a set time limit. Math Time was written to help students practice this for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. All customizable with reporting.

Guitar Time / Bass Time – Interactive tool guitar/bass players can use to develop and enhance their sheet music reading skills. While a music staff is displayed to one side of the screen, a graphical representation of the first four frets and open strings of the guitar/bass is displayed to the left. All customizable with reporting.

Ear Time – Interactive tool guitar players can use to train their ear.   After pressing go, the player will hear a root note played and then a second note shortly after. The player must then select the correct string and fret before moving on to the next note. All customizable with reporting.

Note Time (all staffs) / Note Time for Piano / Bass / Guitar – Interactive tools musicians can use to develop and enhance their sheet music reading skills. Users can select between the Grand Staff of the piano, Treble Staff for guitar or Bass Staff for bass guitar. All customizable with reporting.

9/02 – 4/14 Multi Systems, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona

Sr. Software Developer

Lead UI developer for Cloud Based Property Management System CPM.

Wrote Custom tools to auto-generate resource files and translate Silverlight pages on-the-fly.

Wrote Customizable Web Booking front end interfaced with Property Management Software.

Wrote Pocket Concierge interfaced with Property Management Software. Interfaced unit with several peripheral devices including printer, credit card swipe and key encoder.

Lead UI developer flag ship product WinPM Property Management Software.

Maintained and wrote updates for hotel kiosk.

Maintained and wrote updates for Palm OS devices.

9/01 – 9/03 Your Business Software Phoenix Arizona / Boston, Massachusetts

Vice President of Development/ lead developer

Startup Company to recreate award winning product Online Merchant called Design A Shop working with UK Distributor.

Designed and wrote the users interface for internet store building software.

4/98 – 9/01 Surefire Commerce, Inc. Phoenix Arizona / Newton, Massachusetts

Lead developer

Lead developer of Online Merchant and Online Merchant Gold, a software tool that allowed businesses to establish Internet stores. This was a number one seller on the shelves at Staples, CompUSA and Fry’s Electronics. 4 Stars in PC Computing, MVP PC Computing Finalist and 4 stars in IW Labs.

Also wrote the Client Server version that allowed the Art Department to create stores for which was one of the first multi-vendor online shopping site.

Lead developer TABS (Talent Agency Booking System).


1/98 – 4/98 Landmark Development Lincoln, Rhode Island

Senior Programmer Consultant

Hired to re-write a hobby collection software package to Delphi since it was able to create a true executable program without the need for runtime libraries.

Converted existing database Sybase SQL Anywhere that allowed for minimal files compared to other SQL tools for a consumer product.


9/96 – 12/97 Apogee Information Systems, Inc. Marlboro, Massachusetts

Applications Developer Consultant

Hired to learn and write two applications from beginning to end using Borland Intrabuilder which was still in beta at the time.

9/94 – 9/96 Advanced Development Methods Burlington, Massachusetts

Software Developer

Pioneer in the agile development movement with Ken Schwaber co-creator of Scrum.

Software Developer responsible for complete development of ADM Process Workbench (project management application)

ADM Developer Workbench (daily task retrieval application).

Both of these applications were written using Delphi v1.



10/84 – 12/88 New England Institute of Technology Warwick, Rhode Island

Bachelor of Science Degree


Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology

9/81 – 3/84 Rhode Island School of Electronics Providence, Rhode Island



Pioneer in the Agile development movement (Scrum)

Published in the May 1997 issue of the Web Informant.

Presented two sessions at the first Borland Developers Conference Canada in 1997.

I was asked to write the Demo application which was an office management application for Borland Intrabuilder 2.0

I published several papers, published article in industry magazine and was chosen to speak on two topics at the first Borland Developer Conference in Canada.



I stay up-to-date on current technology

Attend 4 or more user groups monthly.

I attend any local training including Desert Code Camp

I stay involved in the development community.

I have all my own tools including

MSDN Ultimate


Telerik DevCraft

iOS Developer Account

Amazon Developer Account

Nook Developer Account

Microsoft Store and Phone Developer Accounts

Google Play Developer Account

App Store Account

Several recent development machines including Mac/Windows laptops and desktop computers.

Several testing mobile devices for all platforms iPad, iPod, Android phones and tablets, Surface Pro for Windows 8 development.

Google Glass to get ahead of the curve and I think they are cool.

References furnished upon request.