Scrum is based on industry-accepted best practices, used and proven for decades. It is then set in an empirical process theory. As Jim Coplien once remarked to Jeff, “Everyone will like Scrum; it is what we already do when our back is against the wall.”


Of the thousands of people that have contributed to Scrum, we should single out those that were instrumental in its first ten years. First there were Jeff Sutherland, working with Jeff McKenna, and Ken Schwaber with Mike Smith and Chris Martin. Scrum was first formally presented and published at OOPSLA 1995. During the next five years, Mike Beedle and Martine Devos made significant contributions. And then everyone else, without whose help Scrum wouldn’t have been refined into what it is today.


The history of Scrum can already be considered long in the world of software development. To honor the first places where it was tried and refined, we honor Individual, Inc., Fidelity Investments, and IDX (now GE Medical).

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